14 Small Apartment Ideas for Comfortable Living in Small Space

Nowadays, more people do not have choice other than to live in a small apartment because of the very high cost for rent. This especially happens to people living in the city. Other than that, many young people also prefer to stay in a small apartment since they live alone. Many small apartment ideas are available on the internet, offering various decoration and designs. 14 small apartment ideas for comfortable living in small space can be your inspiration to live life effectively and aesthetically.

Small Apartment Ideas for Small Space Decoration

Living in a small space often makes people feel cramped and even depressed. Many small apartment ideas have helped people to design their living space to be cozier. Sometimes these small apartment ideas even make some feel enough and not wanting to move. Besides, there are more convertible furniture sold in the market so that people can incorporate them into very good small apartment ideas.

Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas 1
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Firstly, one of small apartment ideas that can be practical is by picking the right color. Not only for the wall, but also all the furniture. Try to choose pastel and light color and only pick one bold color.

Small Apartment Ideas 3
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Secondly, you can also put more colors in the smaller part of the room and even hang many decoration. As one of the small apartment ideas, this will create a different vibe in your little space.

Small Apartment Ideas 4
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Third, if you prefer cleaner and more basic look, domination of white, black, and red will be good too. Also, do not forget some greens to freshen your eyes.

Small Apartment Ideas 5
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Coupled with some fluffy carpet, your small apartment will also look cozy. Still, better take the one with pale color.

Small Apartment Ideas 6
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One of the small apartment ideas that you can pick is also by having a big window. Then, you also combine different decoration to some parts to create a fresher vibe.

Small Apartment Ideas 7
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Remember, having a small apartment, does not mean you cannot have fun decorating it. You can put many wall decorations and also combine two functions in one room. Like a TV room and reading room.

More Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas 8
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More ideas that you can do is also to install some pretty decoration above your head. Of course ceiling is a good medium not to make your apartment look too full with many decorations on the wall.

Small Apartment Ideas 9
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Another idea, you can also put your bedroom and working space closest to the window. Like this, you will be able to get energized every morning.

Small Apartment Ideas 10
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Next idea when you get smaller space, is to also leave space for balcony. Other than that you can also choose to create bigger space for common room rather than putting big dining table.

Small Apartment Ideas 11
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Sometimes, you might a bigger small apartment. So that you can spare a separate room for office.

Small Apartment Ideas 12
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Other than that, you also leave out border for your bedroom to let the space looks bigger.

Small Apartment Ideas 13
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Or, you can also sacrifice the common room to be smaller and enjoy your time in the kitchen instead.


Small Apartment Ideas 14
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More than that, you can also leave out dining table and eat at the common room instead. Or else, add seat next to the kitchen to make it like a bar.


Small Apartment Ideas 15
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Last but not least, you can also create a bigger balcony. Also, pick similar color for a less exaggerated-looking space.

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