14 Wonderful Backyard Pit Ideas for Enjoyable Time

Enjoying the night with family under the open air is a precious moment. Usually, most family like to do it by surrounding a pit, sitting, and talking about various things. Making a backyard pit at home will not only ease the preparation for the activity, it will also let you enjoy your home to the fullest. 15 wonderful backyard pit ideas for enjoyable time will give you some inspiration to make your own backyard pit.

Backyard Pit Ideas for Enjoyable Time

A backyard pit should not only be comfortable but gives a statement of certain decoration style. Like this, you will feel like coming again and again every day to the backyard pit. Also, you need to think of the fire place so that everything will stay safe. Other than that, you might also want to create a backyard pit from waterproof-based materials since it will stay under the open air.

Wonderful Backyard Pit

Backyard Pit 1
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The first backyard pit is fully made of bricks combined with stucco. You might take some fluffy pillows out when you are going to have a gathering.

Backyard Pit 2
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Rather than focusing only to the pit, you can also enhance the decoration for the seats and surroundings.

Backyard Pit 3
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Other than that, you might also want to make two spaces for the backyard pit. One with grass surface and the other with concrete surface.

Backyard Pit 4
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More than that, you can also create a more futuristic-looking backyard with pit in the shape of pyramid.

Backyard Pit 5
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Moreover, if you don’t like circle space, you can also create a square space made of bricks and stucco.

Backyard Pit 6
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Besides that, you can also combine woods and stones for the pit area. Also, don’t forget to provide area for drain on the floor since you might use the backyard for barbecue.

Backyard Pit 7
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Furthermore, you might also want to make the fire place stays at the center front. This way, you will have the chance to enjoy both the fire and the views.

More Wonderful Backyard Pit Ideas

Backyard Pit 8
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More than that, you can also take your fire place to the corner of the yard.

Backyard Pit 9
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For a smaller yard, you might be able to provide wooden small bench on gravel land.

Backyard Pit 10
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Other idea that might interest you is to take the pit area above the land.

Backyard Pit 11
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Rather than just making a pit area, why not combine it with oven and outdoor cooking area?

Backyard Pit 12
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Of course you can also add details like big pots to increase the elegance. Also, why not incorporate a wok-like bowl for the pit?

Backyard Pit 13
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If you are more of a rustic style enthusiast, you can also create a fire place surrounded by big stones.

Backyard Pit 14
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However, if you still feel like sitting comfortably, you might want to combine the pit with wooden chairs.

Backyard Pit 15
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Or, last but not least, you can also go complete rustic (or even prehistoric) by incorporating big stones and gravels.

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