15 Backyard Pergola Plan Ideas for Beautiful Garden

Designing the backyard and garden can be pretty daunting especially if you simply do not know what to build. One of the best ideas is creating backyard pergola where you can get a comfortable area with shade. Not only backyard pergola can shade your back garden, but also your terrace. We hope that our 15 backyard pergola plan ideas for beautiful garden can boost your creativity.

Backyard Pergola Plan Ideas for Beautiful Garden

Before getting into the design and ideas of backyard pergola, let’s understand a bit more about the term. A pergola is a construction usually made of wood that forms shaded passageway or sitting area. It appears with vertical pillars that support sturdy open lattice. It is a type of gazebo which can serve as protection for open terrace or link between pavilions. Despite its seemingly definite meaning, you can still play with the design and make it look as how you desire.

Backyard Pergola Design Inspiration

Backyard Pergola 1
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The first idea involve a backyard pergola with a top similar to the chairs’ design below it. Not only the design looks great, it will also become a sun protection.

Backyard Pergola 2
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A different idea involves a sturdier pillars with paved and gravels floor. More than that, you can also add some greenery for eye refresher. This backyard pergola is owned by Loree Bohl, a gardener from Portland.

Backyard Pergola 3
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Next idea, why not take a backyard pergola with lightly thatched top?

Backyard Pergola 4
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More than just taking your backyard pergola to the house, you can also take it to beach house!

Backyard Pergola 5
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Besides that, you can also use pergola for your backyard oven area.

Backyard Pergola 6
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Rather than just constructing boring straight pillars, why not build pillars resembling ribs? Not only will they look pretty, but also useful for hanging pots.

Backyard Pergola 7
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And, you can also build pergola on the corner of the backyard. Like this, there will be more shades.

More Beautiful Backyard Pergola Designs

Backyard Pergola 8
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Remember, pergola is not always made of wooden materials. When you feel like using concrete pillars, it is fine too.

Backyard Pergola 9
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Another option is to combine a pergola constructed of stucco, wood, and roof.

Backyard Pergola 10
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As mentioned before, a pergola can also become protection for open terrace. So, should not feel forced to construct it in different area.

Backyard Pergola 11
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Other than that, you might want to add some heaters in your pergola.

Backyard Pergola 12
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A pergola can also has nothing but chairs to enjoy the garden view.

Backyard Pergola 13
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Other than oven area, you can also put your barbecue grill on the pergola. And perhaps use a different swing chair.

Backyard Pergola 14
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Different idea might involve a triangle-shaped pergola in the corner of the garden.

Backyard Pergola 15
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Lastly, why not construct a pergola with a pretty bar where you can use a casual meeting with friends?

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