15 Best Architecture Idea Designs That Will Inspire You

Choosing architecture idea that will inspire might not be a simple task to do. Many architecture ideas spreading all over the internet and catalogue are not always that easy to follow. Since expertise is needed to execute architecture idea, many designs that look good perhaps are too difficult or expensive. Despite all that, architecture idea is always an interesting subject to look at. Here are our 15 best architecture idea designs that will inspire you.

Architecture Idea That Will Inspire You

Although some architecture ideas might look wonderful, not all architecture ideas are for you. Therefore, personal aim or goal should be the first priority while choosing architecture idea to build. The architecture idea which incorporates many big windows will not be suitable for those living in sunny area. Thus, rather than simply feeling tempted to copycat certain architecture idea, don’t forget to consider other factors, too.

Best Architecture Idea for Inspiration

Architecture Idea 1
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First of all, you might want to consider this architecture idea if you live in a hilly and sunny area. Not only the shade will protect you from the sun, but the breeze block wall will also produce cooling wind.

Architecture Idea 2
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More architecture design you should take is a simple two-floor building with big balcony.

Architecture Idea 3
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Third option you might want to consider is a house with high ceiling and many windows. Don’t forget the green and mini river outside.

Architecture Idea 4
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If you live in a residential area where land size is already determined, this slim modern house will be a good bet.

Architecture Idea 5
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Moreover, a house with many transparent windows will also be a good choice for house facing north or south.

Architecture Idea 6
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Other than that, house in a shape of rectangle will be a good alternative for people who do not like complicated maintenance.

Architecture Idea 7
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Different idea we propose is a two-floor house with high ceiling for a rustic yet modern looking living space.

More of the Best Architecture Idea for Inspiration

Architecture Idea 8
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Next idea is to utilize the attic with creativity such as building shelves on the wall!

Architecture Idea 9
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The following design is made by Marc Koehler Architects which combines rustic, village feel and minimalist modern.

Architecture Idea 10
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Yet, this is the look of Marc Koehler’s design from another point of view which shows a big glass window as a state of openness.

Architecture Idea 11
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Sometimes, going simple is the best answer after all. With garage, attic, and big garden, nobody can say no to this design.

Architecture Idea 12
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Living in area with potential of flood? You should definitely take this design!

Architecture Idea 13
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Another option is to take this design for avant-garde looking house with a play of lights.

Architecture Idea 14
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More than that, you can also get inspire by this design that will be suitable for a ground room.

Architecture Idea 15
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Lastly, the eco friendly idea of a small house surrounded by green yard will also be a good bed for nature lover.

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