15 Best Bookcase Inspiration for Home Decoration

Bookcase is one of the important furniture at home. Nobody will leave their house having no bookcase at all. Even if its purpose is not for putting only books but also various decorations. Best bookcase inspiration can come from many things including nature and artistic workpiece. So, rather than saying that bookcase should only has a certain form, we present 15 best bookcase inspiration for home decoration.

Best Bookcase Inspiration for Home

Thinking about the best bookcase that you will be able to copy for your own might be frustrating. Of course a bookcase is not something easy to do, especially for beginner. The best bookcase inspiration that we provide here is available on the store and can be modified with additional features. You can also contact a local carpenter around if you still think the store bought is not exactly what you want.

Best Bookcase Inspiration

Best Bookcase Inspiration 1
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First of all, the best bookcase inspiration that we present is a blue painted bookcase. The color will suit your coral collection.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 2
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Second of best bookcase inspiration around will still involve color. Rather than putting only books, you can also put pretty bottles and plants.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 3
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Besides color, incorporating drawers with shelves will also create the best bookcase inspiration for everyone.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 4
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Fourth option, you can also hang some frames on one part of the bookcase. Of course it will look great!

Best Bookcase Inspiration 5
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Other than using a bookcase that looks like shelf, simply put the books in different position. Therefore your books can support each other.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 6
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Coupled with TV and all the decorations, the best bookcase inspiration is already born.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 7
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Besides using an open bookcase, you can also incorporate door to make things stay clean.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 8
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Another option will be to utilize the side part of the bookcase, for magazine perhaps?

More of the Best Bookcase Inspiration

Best Bookcase Inspiration 9
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Sometimes, you might have walls with big space between. Have you ever think to install some boards to make a bookcase?

Best Bookcase Inspiration 10
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In fact, you can also add bookcase in the room only for decoration purpose. Yes, nobody said you should only put books there.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 11
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Additionally, boxes with different sizes can also make a good bookcase. Artistic and useful.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 12
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More options for you who like something unique can also make a tree bookcase!

Best Bookcase Inspiration 13
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When you got old grand piano, why not use it for a super artsy bookcase?

Best Bookcase Inspiration 14
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Actually, you can also create a book wrapped wall, let it be a room for only you.

Best Bookcase Inspiration 15
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Last but not least, you can also build a bookcase next to the stairs that take you upstairs.

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