15 Best Garden Bar Ideas for Your Pretty Yard

Having a garden bar will create an amazing view and great additional functionality for your yard. Other than that, you will also have a hanging out place just some steps away from home whenever you want. Yet, thinking about how to build the best garden bar that suits your desire and budget is sometimes pretty daunting. So, here are 15 best garden bar ideas for your pretty yard for more choices.

Best Garden Bar Ideas That Looks Pretty

No one will deny that they want to hang out at home with the family or good friends with good drinks and food as accompany. Thus, one of the best way to realize this dream is by building a garden bar. Since, hanging out in the living room or bedroom can make you feel cramped sometimes. With the combination of construction worker’s help and your own hands, you definitely can definitely have the most beautiful garden bar around!

Best Garden Bar Ideas

Garden Bar 1
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First garden bar idea that you can build is a combination of bar seats and a barbecue grill. Well, it might look like there is no drink here, but you can always take it out of your chiller.

Garden Bar 2
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Second choice, you can also create your own rustic looking garden bar by utilizing old pallets.

Garden Bar 3
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Next option would be to build a complete mini house-like where you can serve all your guest with your best drink.

Garden Bar 4
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Other than building the garden bar in the yard with mortar surface, you can have it in a backyard with a shed.

Garden Bar 5
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Or, you can also be more creative by creating an inexpensive yet stunning bar by incorporating various construction materials. Then, you can also add lighting stick using old bottles.

Garden Bar 6
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And, why not think of making a bar fully made of wood planks? You can serve everyone under the roof and enjoy the drink without getting too much sun exposure.

Garden Bar 7
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Another option will be to have a corner bar with separate sitting area. However, you might want to paint it rather than letting the planks stay too rustic.

More of the Best Garden Bar Ideas

Garden Bar 8
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Sometimes, you can also have a fire pit and bar side by side. Again, no one will be pleased to get both drink and food.

Garden Bar 9
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Coupled with some sheds from the tree, your wooden bar will be quite accessible in all kinds of weather.

Garden Bar 10
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Remember, you can also construct shelves for your various drinks and glasses. Yet, it is better to take the remaining drinks inside afterward.

Garden Bar 11
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If you have the budget, you can also install a convertible canopy and TV to add the fun.

Garden Bar 12
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Rather than letting your yard stay plain and empty, why not decorate it with ethnic-style bar?

Garden Bar 13
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When you only have a limited amount of budget, a cute bar for two will be enough to cater the fun.

Garden Bar 14
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Coupled with two-part door and fort-like roof, you can also build your very own bar and castle at the same time.

Garden Bar 15
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Last but not least, you can also simply think of buying a ready cabinet from the store for your bar.

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