15 Best Minimalist Pond Ideas for Luxurious-Looking Garden

A garden is something that people always want in their house. So does a pond! Yet, not everyone has the opportunity to own house with big yard. Therefore a minimalist pond becomes an alternative. Not only a minimalist pond beautifies the yard, it is also calming the heart by looking at the fish. Moreover, fish is easier to take care of compared to dogs or cats. And they do not need lots of space. 15 best minimalist pond ideas for luxurious-looking garden that we present below might spark inspiration.

Best Minimalist Pond Ideas

A minimalist pond might need less space, however you also need to think about the maintenance. Sometimes, people forget to clean their pond for weeks and it causes bad odor and fatal death to the fish. So, do not forget to install the proper aerator, pipes, and system so that your yard will stay pretty for long time. And also, you can enjoy the minimalist pond as long as you want.

7 Best Minimalist Ponds

Minimalist Pond 1
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The first minimalist pond does not involve any special shape but still can make anyone impressed. Just add some stone decorations and small fountain.

Minimalist Pond 2
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Second choice, you might want to utilize the empty space next to the walking path of your house. Of course you should not forget to provide stepping stones. Not only it will help you during cleaning time, it will also be a new decoration.

Minimalist Pond 3
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Third option involves a more natural-looking minimalist pond. Well, if you look to the fountain, it might not be that way. Yet, the trees and stones will help you feel like you are in the middle of the forest.

Minimalist Pond 4
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Next minimalist pond idea takes us to the next level. Of course you might want to create some holy vibe to your pond.

Minimalist Pond 5
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Rather than going holy and spiritual, you might want to combine your pond with many and many trees.

Minimalist Pond 6
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On the other hand, you can also build a minimalist pond that actually has more space inside. Just like a ball glass. This way, your fish can have more space to swim while you get some surfaces for land and trees.

Minimalist Pond 7
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Rather than that, a simpler choice might be to build a layered minimalist pond with a corner for you to sit.

More of the Best Minimalist Pond

Minimalist Pond 8
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Despite the plain scenery, this minimalist pond can be your unique choice. Not only it presents the situation of all fish and water, it will also provide you the beauty of ‘under water’ life.

Minimalist Pond 9
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A square pond made of bricks can also be a good idea to decorate your yard.

Minimalist Pond 10
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Remember that nobody said to have a pond outside the house. Of course a pond is usually for garden decoration. However, you cannot deny that having a pond inside is a good idea.

Minimalist Pond 11
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Rather than making the pond square or circle, why not make it long? And also with a lot of ‘waterfalls’.

Minimalist Pond 12
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Besides that, you can also try out a pond which surface is about the same height as the ground!

Minimalist Pond 13
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Again, who does not want to walk on the water? Well, you still can’t, but at least you can make these stepping stones to walk ‘on’ it.

Minimalist Pond 14
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An aquarium-like pond can also be applied for smaller pond. If there is no big space for the fish, at least there are bigger world for them to see.

Minimalist Pond 15
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Finally, you can also have some lotuses on your pond!

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