15 Best RV Remodeling Ideas to Accompany Your Journey

Talking about RV is like starting a way to endless imagination of wilderness and an adventurous trip. RV is not only a good vehicle but also a good shelter during trip. Thus, RV remodeling ideas are becoming more popular. RV remodeling ideas can come from many sources. And while doing an RV remodeling, you should not limit your option. Here are our 15 best RV remodeling ideas to accompany your journey for inspiration.

RV Remodeling Ideas for You

Ideas for RV redesigning involves many designs depend on creativity and purpose of the owner. Besides that, budget is also an important factor. However, having less budget does not mean that the RV remodeling project should stop. When having a project of RV remodeling, remember to also create a practical yet pretty interior.

Lists of the Best RV Remodeling Ideas

RV Remodeling 1
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First idea for RV remodeling involve a simple minimalist white decoration like cabinet and sofa.

RV Remodeling 2
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Second option you can consider is inspiration from this black and white room with sofa and kitchen.

RV Remodeling 3
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Third option for RV remodeling is to utilize a lot of storage by creating drawers on the cabinet and of course, a bed.

RV Remodeling 4
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Other than all the options above, incorporating white paint and wood tones to your RV will also be a great choice. Especially for rustic vibe lovers.

RV Remodeling 5
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Next option is to combine dark bottom and white top with bunk bed on the corner if you plan to use the RV as home.

RV Remodeling 6
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Next option is to remodel your RV with the color you like, whether it is wood tone or grey and white.

RV Remodeling 7
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Also, if you love grey decoration, you might want to include a fluffy sofa rather than bed to enjoy the time.

More Lists of the Best RV Remodeling Ideas

RV Remodeling 8
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Then, looking at this before and after pictures of remodeled RV, you might see the importance of wallpaper now.

RV Remodeling 9
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More than just thinking of wallpaper for decoration, you can also enhance a bit of ethnic design by placing a carpet. Not only is it pretty, but also cheap.

RV Remodeling 10
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Sometimes, remodeling your RV does not mean spending a lot of money. Yes, you can simply paint the cabinets.

RV Remodeling 11
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Additional option you can also mix the white and black design with ethnic carpet which has a lot of colors.

RV Remodeling 12
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Well, believe it or not, this pretty RV is not only wonderful but also provide a living space for a family of five.

RV Remodeling 13
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Other option that you can take is to create a rustic look through countryside decorations like wooden basket. Also, it won’t be expensive.

RV Remodeling 14
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As your desire to travel grows bigger, why not take this inspiration of mini kitchen and sofa to your RV?

RV Remodeling 15
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Last but not least, other than getting fluffy sofa, you can also incorporate round table and bookshelves into your RV.


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