15 Colored Grout Ideas for Home Decor

Not only tile, you can also enhance the beauty of your house through a smaller detail like grout. Colored grout becomes more common since you can apply different color by using various material. Color applicator like colorants and dyes can create different colored grout instantly. Not only that, colored grout is also one of the way to achieve amazing yet affordable décor. Here are 15 colored grout ideas for home décor inspiration you can develop to be your very own.

Colored Grout for Home Décor

Other than a simple and basic white or grey grout, various colored grout will also work well with different tiles. From the pastel pink to a bolder choice like dark blue tile, colored grout will accompany them wonderfully. Besides that, you can also pick different shape of tiles to be the partner of your colored grout.

Colored Grout Ideas for Home Décor

Colored Grout 1
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First choice is to take a white tile and combine it with pink grout which will create a bold sense of feminine kitchen.

Colored Grout 2
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Second idea is to bring an orange grout to join your shiny blue hexagonal tile in the bathroom.

Colored Grout 3
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If you ever think of using wallpaper, you might as well take the colorful back splash. Not only they stay longer, the maintenance is also easier.

Colored Grout 4
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Moreover, for 60s and vintage lovers, the yellow grout and pale blue tiles set vertically will be a good choice too.

Colored Grout 5
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Black grout is also a choice that will create bold style for your bathroom just like a scene coming out of a movie.

Colored Grout 6
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Rather than going with conventional choice by picking single color of tile, you can combine the yellow grout with multi color tiles.

Colored Grout 7
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And if you prefer a modern look, you might decorate the tub or shower area with darker colored grout and chrome fixture.

Some More Colored Grout Ideas

Colored Grout 8
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Next idea is to utilize a simple white grout with a multi dark colored tiles to create a minimalist look to your sink.

Colored Grout 9
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Other idea that you can incorporate is to pick the same color for your grout and tile for certain area like kitchen.

Colored Grout 10
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Yet, among all choices, black grout and white tiles will still be a good choice to decorate your bathroom for a classic look.

Colored Grout 11
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Now, besides focusing on color, you can also create a unique kitchen wall through a different placement of tiles lined with basic grout.

Colored Grout 12
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Then, if you love ornamented tile, you might as well adjust the color of the grout based on the dominant color appear on the tile.

Colored Grout 13
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Next idea is to create a contrasting grout and tile like this dark blue hexagon tiles and clean white grout. Additionally, you can enhance the look with another contrasting design like the gold faucet.

Colored Grout 14
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To achieve a rustic yet elegant look, you can incorporate tiles or bricks of similar color with the grout.

Colored Grout 15
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Last but not least, you can also steal Joanna Gaines’ idea to mix white with dark on your kitchen.

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