15 Cozy Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas to Inspire You

A farmhouse dining room design will definitely create a more special dining experience. Not only that, you can also get both luxurious and modest feeling simply by looking at the interior. Farmhouse dining room which is a part of the general farmhouse décor presents humility and style in one. Here are our 15 cosy farmhouse dining room ideas to inspire you.

Farmhouse Dining Room Design

Talking about interior design for farmhouse dining room, you can utilize a lot of furniture with pastel color. Besides that, old and new stuff are both suitable to enhance the classic rustic look of a farmhouse dining room. Yet, despite the use of old stuff in the farmhouse dining room, you should not expect an awful looking room. Instead, the room will bring you a feeling of an eating experience in a countryside with modern touch.

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas

Farmhouse Dining Room 1
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First idea to copy is a Scandinavian countryside décor with light wood floor and white chairs.

Farmhouse Dining Room 2
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Second option is a farmhouse dining room with antique clock and table, also a modern touch of unique chandelier.

Farmhouse Dining Room 3
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Another option is to take an unusual decoration like the old stairs to hang on the ceiling.

Farmhouse Dining Room 4
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More than just wood color and white, you can also go on applying a little bit of other colors like blue and yellow.

Farmhouse Dining Room 5
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Besides that, you also do not need to hesitate incorporating a more colorful design like a green carpet.

Farmhouse Dining Room 6
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Remembering a countryside might take us the memory of its comfort and a bit of unorganized style. Then, you can follow this photo where the chairs do not look like a set comes out of a factory.

Farmhouse Dining Room 7
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Another way to still get the feeling of a farmhouse dining room is to be simple and straightforward.

More Designs of Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse Dining Room 8
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Besides that, a classic option is to get minimalist chairs and cover the floor with ornamented carpet.

Farmhouse Dining Room 9
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Yet, if you feel like the previous design is too modern, you can take a long bench in instead of single chair!

Farmhouse Dining Room 10
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Remember, a countryside is where big family gathers to eat. So, big table is not a thing that should raise any question.

Farmhouse Dining Room 11
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If you feel like getting too rustic, you can simply take a set of polished wooden dining table and chairs.

Farmhouse Dining Room 12
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Sometimes a small detail can enhance the feeling more than the big stuff. Well, once you see the bottle chandelier, you won’t forget it.

Farmhouse Dining Room 13
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Rather than just dark polished wooden dining table, you can also opt to the lighter wood surface for a brighter vibe.

Farmhouse Dining Room 14
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More than thinking about how to design the room, this style is about bringing us back to casual dining experience. So, pick any style you want but keep it simple.

Farmhouse Dining Room 15
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Last but not least is to incorporate a simple design with a natural scenery. Mountain might be too daunting to achieve, but a green garden is possible.

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