15 Creative Shelving for Small Bathroom Ideas

As the apartment and house get smaller, the developers also keep making bathroom tinier. Thus, shelving for small bathroom is always an idea people want to learn about for effective bathroom management. Shelving for small bathroom if done right, will not only leave a lot of space but also beautify your bathroom. Here are 15 creative shelving for small bathroom ideas.

Shelving for Small Bathroom

There are numerous ideas that you can incorporate as shelving for small bathroom. Buying the ready to install or making your own DIY shelf are both possible. Shelves for small bathroom involves various materials from wood, stainless, to even rope. Besides becoming a useful decoration, shelving for small bathroom is also a creative project you will love.

Shelving for Small Bathroom Ideas

Shelving For Small Bathroom 1
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First on the list of shelving for small bathroom involves white shelves that can carry light to medium weight goods.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 2
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Second area semi DIY projects with upcycled woven baskets. Not only do they look pretty, but also serve the function well.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 3
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More idea to see is a cabinet with glass door in a rustic mode for a humble yet stylish bathroom.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 4
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Another inspiration is to also utilize the top part of the toilet as the bottom shelf.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 5
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Next concept to consider is a combination of baskets, hanger and poles for a firm shelving.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 6
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Although this bathroom looks quite big, you can focus on the small square shelves that take the smallest corner. Good idea, right?

Shelving For Small Bathroom 7
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Other than a simple shelving for small bathroom, you can also add a hanger under it.

More of the Best Shelving for Small Bathroom Ideas

Shelving For Small Bathroom 8
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Besides that, you can also incorporate the area between the faucet and mirror to put your skin care products.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 9
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The pictures say it already, a slim drawer that magically store a lot of bathroom equipment.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 10
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Another option you can think of is a cupboard which legs extend to the side of toilet.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 11
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More idea is not to waste the empty wall next to the door. However, make sure that your nails do not break the cable line.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 12
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If you have a very small bathroom, you can also utilize both sides of the wall to hold your shelves better.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 13
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Another idea is to use upcycled furniture. Like this old drawer that magically turns into a shelf.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 14
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Next is a functioning upper space of a toilet with an open shelf and another closed ones.

Shelving For Small Bathroom 15
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Last but not least is a space next to the toilet where you can put all the towels and another storage for different stuffs.

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