15 DIY Shelf Ideas for Home Decoration

A shelf is something that everyone has at home. Sometimes making a DIY shelf is not only about its ability to store and put your stuff, but also aesthetic. DIY shelf will not only serve its function well, but also let you have the satisfaction of making it. Our 15 DIY shelf ideas for home decoration might serve as a lead to more inspiration. Choose your own favorite based on your skill and style!

DIY Shelf Ideas for Home

Ability to utilize anything is the power of any DIY-based creation, and a DIY shelf has the same purpose. Think about your furniture that can serve a second function. You may need to make some adjustment to call it a DIY shelf. Yet, believe me that it will surely cost less than buying the factory made one. Of course, for an early warning, you might need expert help. However, some of the designs below might need even no struggle at all!

DIY Shelf Ideas

Diy Shelf 1
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First DIY shelf will need only a white plank that will match your heater. Put whatever you like on it!

Diy Shelf 2
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Second option will be having a swing-like shelf that will require planks, rope, and a ready bar on the wall!

Diy Shelf 3
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Third choice is actually something that you can have by paying for a furniture store. Yet, you can tweak it by buying only the legs and use rustic planks!

Diy Shelf 4
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Fourth idea, to start making a shelf, why not think about making a small one first!

Diy Shelf 5
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Next idea, you have some planks and an empty wall corner. That is a good start!

Diy Shelf 6
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After you start to feel more comfortable making your own shelf, the big one is here.

Diy Shelf 7
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Sometimes, you do not need to make a shelf from scratch. An idea is to buy ready and painted planks and install it as your wish.

More DIY Shelf Ideas

Diy Shelf 8
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Besides that, you also ‘sacrifice’ your leather belts for a swag shelf everyone will envy.

Diy Shelf 9
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Ah, a DIY shelf made of old boards for tiny stuff. What a good idea!

Diy Shelf 10
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Furthermore, why not use old stairs? Just paint it and add some planks if you want the surface wider.

Diy Shelf 11
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Moreover, nobody said you cannot use thick wood log as a shelf.

Diy Shelf 12
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On the other hand, you can also try your very own shelf creation with straps and planks of the same color.

Diy Shelf 13
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Again, a DIY stuff does not need to follow rule! Your shelf can also have a circular shape.

Diy Shelf 14
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Well, you might need only planks, ropes, and a very strong bar or big nail for your shelf. Of course, you should only put lighter stuff.

Diy Shelf 15
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Finally, a shelf for many frames can also be better than nailing the wall thousand times!


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