15 Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

One of living room designs that will never fade out is the elegant design. Elegant living room can always impress any guest who come and even the resident of the house. Although the title of elegant living room might sound like an expensive idea, you can also tweak some area. Therefore, you can still gain elegant living room without spending a lot. Below are 15 elegant living room design ideas.

Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

Unlike specific design like rustic or farmhouse which usually takes only a certain color or vibe, elegant living room is more. The design is usually focusing more on the sleek and clean look. Not only that, elegant living room also has many furniture choices and unique designs. Also, you can definitely pick any color that you desire.

List of Elegant Living Room Designs to Inspire

Elegant Living Room 1
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First idea is to place a cubical coffee table along with blue velvet sofa complemented by a fountain-like chandelier.

Elegant Living Room 2
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Second elegant living room idea you can take as inspiration is a fully white room which combines elegance and rustic.

Elegant Living Room 3
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Besides that, you can also focus on the wall color and enhance the look with painting, wallpaper, and carpet.

Elegant Living Room 4
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Other than focusing on what is seen every day, you can also put more emphasis on the design of high ceiling.

Elegant Living Room 5
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For smaller living room, a simple quilt sofa and focus on painting and its lighting will be a smart move.

Elegant Living Room 6
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Elegant living room with fireplace, mirror with ornaments, and Victorian-designed coffee table.

Elegant Living Room 7
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Another elegant design for your living room is a minimalist looking one with more ornate of the small decoration.

More of Elegant Living Room Designs for You

Elegant Living Room 8
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Rather than being elegant minimalist, you can also decide to be elegant luxurious. Well, the key is to bring out ornamented furniture to the living room.

Elegant Living Room 9
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More budget means more flexibility to build the living room. Hence, we present you a silver themed ceiling.

Elegant Living Room 10
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Or, you can also take purple as the dominant color for an elegance in the living room.

Elegant Living Room 11
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For you who love modern design, incorporating black and silver in the living room will create a sophisticated look.

Elegant Living Room 12
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Super elegance inspired from the royal furniture. Yet, unless you can keep up with the maintenance, we advise you not to take it.

Elegant Living Room 13
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Sometimes, you can also take a step into elegant design simply by installing chandelier.

Elegant Living Room 14
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Another key to elegance is gold and classy paintings that will impress any eyes.

Elegant Living Room 15
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Last but not least, you can also create an elegant small room without leaving out your favorite decorations.

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