15 Front Yard Landscape Ideas for Ultimate Garden

Thinking about front yard landscape is not always easy. Sometimes through incorporating a lot of material, you will create nothing but messy front yard landscape. However, some other time the exact same process can create great front yard landscape. Therefore we present 15 front yard landscape ideas for ultimate garden that won’t bore you. Besides, it will also enhance the beauty of the house.

Front Yard Landscape Ideas for Pretty Garden

A front yard landscape contains combination of plant, flowers, and decoration to boost the exterior beauty of the house. It does not always need to be colorful or expensive. Additionally, you can also create some DIY project to enrich the front yard landscape. Yet, if you have the budget to work on a greater front yard landscape project, do not hesitate!

7 Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Front Yard Landscape 1
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First, you should think of yard landscape as important as the house design. Not only providing air circulation but also presenting refreshing view.

Front Yard Landscape 2
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Second idea is to create a shade of black among the greens coming from the trees and grass.

Front Yard Landscape 3
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Third idea that you might want to consider is patio to provide access directly to the door.

Front Yard Landscape 4
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As mentioned before, you can have an affordable or fancy front yard landscape. So, if you have the budget, a pergola will be a really great choice.

Front Yard Landscape 5
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Or, if you want a simpler landscape, flowers and some bushes will do well. Don’t forget to place stone to avoid steps.

Front Yard Landscape 6
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Also, you can leave out the stone as a border between the flowers and plant thicker grass instead.

Front Yard Landscape 7
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If you can work on regular maintenance, you can opt to bigger flower for a prettier garden.

Prettiest Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Front Yard Landscape 8
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A well-trimmed tree and tiny plants will be a good option for small garden.

Front Yard Landscape 9
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Besides planting directly on the ground, you can also use planter box and place gravels.

Front Yard Landscape 10
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If you love DIY project, a simple planter box and some sparkling light will create an infinite magic.

Front Yard Landscape 11
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For big garden, you might want to place some benches therefore you can enjoy some outdoor time around the house.

Front Yard Landscape 12
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Also, you can focus on build patio and organize bushes on both sides. However, make sure to regularly trim them.

Front Yard Landscape 13
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Utilizing used material is one of the fun moments in decorating the house. Like this old vessel that becomes a distinct decoration in the garden.

Front Yard Landscape 14
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Rather than fulfilling the yard with plants, you can keep some parts empty so that your children can run around freely.

Front Yard Landscape 15
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Besides bushes and trees with thick green leaves, you can also plant palm trees for a change of scene.

Front Yard Landscape 16
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Last but not least we pick one brave and bright color for you who love to be different.

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