15 Half Bathroom Ideas In Small Space

Half bathroom is a bathroom with only sink and toilet. This happens because many apartments and new houses do not provide big space for bathroom. Therefore more half bathroom ideas are coming out and specifically designed. It turns out that half bathroom ideas work well and even attract more people to get creative. These are 15 half bathroom ideas for small space.

Half Bathroom Ideas

You can incorporate the design ideas for bigger bathroom into half bathroom. Of course not all of them will work well for smaller bathroom. However, you can still take the inspiration partially and improve your own creation. As a matter of fact, most half bathroom designs are basically a normal bathroom with bathtub taken out. So, it will be easier for you to express yourself despite the small space.

Half Bathroom in Small Space

Half 1
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First of all, brown tiles and white bathroom furniture will be your safest choice without leaving the charm.

Half 2
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Equally safe and mesmerizing are black and grey combined with whitish bricks.

Half 3
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After that, you can also incorporate a big mirror to create an illusion of wider space.

Half 4
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Not only wide mirror, installing wide tiles will also create the illusion of big space. And don’t forget to put toilet and sink next to each other.

Half 5
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In the same way as the design above, by changing the tub with toilet you will get a rustic half bathroom.

Half 6
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Not to mention that all white half bathroom with a touch of gold will look magical.

Half 7
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Probably putting all white with decorative tiles will be a good option to get a soothing sensation.

More Half Bathroom Ideas

Half 8
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To create a half bathroom that is uniquely yours, a white, blue, and a bit of black combination is a choice, too. In addition, distinct tiles and a little decoration will also polish the look.

Half 9
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Unique design is equally important to practicality. Why not combining the flat white toilet and shiny blue marbled sink?

Half 10
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Coupled with dazzling wallpaper, white bathroom can look really charming, too. Additionally, you can match the wallpaper with decoration of similar colors.

Half 11
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A standard half bathroom can look classic by adding checkered tiles. Together with a play of black and white, it will be a memorable one.

Half 12
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Because of the small size, does not mean your bathroom can’t get details. Coupled with small ceramic tiles, your plain half bathroom can look dope.

Half 13
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Other than making your half bathroom looks plain, full decoration is good way too. First, put all white furniture. Second, plastic flowers and frames will liven up the vibe.

Half 14
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Again, a half bathroom is basically bathroom without tub. Dominated with black and white, your bright half bathroom will be a comfortable place to have the business.

Half 15
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Lastly, no one will judge you to put white washing machine in the white half bathroom.

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