15 Ideas for DIY Chicken Coop in Your Garden

Organic and healthy life is rising everywhere. This makes people start to feel like making their very own complete food supply from the very basic. Like a chicken coop where they can keep chickens either for the eggs or the meat. The coop is no longer the need of just farmers, but also urban people who do not want to depend to the market. The reasons are a lot, chicken coop and chicken itself are cheap for example. Or perhaps, cute.

Ideas for DIY Chicken Coop in the Garden

Our 15 ideas for DIY chicken coop in your garden might be a good starting point for you who want to start. As you have the plan to keep some chickens at home, you should know that you cannot simply leave them outside. Well, of course you have to let them have free time, feel the grass, and smell the fresh air. However, there are many other creatures hunting your chickens too. And just like humans, chicken wants a place they can call home.

DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop 1
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Firstly, a classic chicken coop that looks almost like mini cabin in the woods. It has a transparent and closed area, and even storage for your logs. What a natural way of living!

Chicken Coop 2
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Second option takes us to a bigger chicken coop. Perhaps you simply assemble a smaller coop with an early stage of tree-house.

Chicken Coop 3
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Next, if you know that you might have a big flock of chicken, why not build a brown mini house rather than coop?

Chicken Coop 4
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On the other hand, you might want to keep your small chicken troop gets a play room. Indeed, this coop will be a good choice for your small yard.

Chicken Coop 5
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Or, you might feel like making your own coop with less confidence and skill. Why not start small? Do not forget all the ventilation though!

Chicken Coop 6
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And you chicken will definitely be healthy living in this very spacious coop.

Chicken Coop 7
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Rather than just thinking about coop, why not surround it with plants? Your chicken will get some fresh scenery and air!

More DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop 8
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Remember, when you get the chance and space, a wide room and exposure to light for chicken are really important.

Chicken Coop 9
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Another option, you might want to give the chicken some more air by assembling two-part door. Besides, it will be useful for your control time, too.

Chicken Coop 10
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Next option is a mini house for chicken to with an almost fully webbed walls and door.

Chicken Coop 11
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Well, you might just not have the ability to make a fancy coop. So that we present a simply built coop connected to your gates.

Chicken Coop 12
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Besides planks, you can also incorporate roof and perhaps some plants and good pictures.

Chicken Coop 13
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Probably, you want to introduce blue to your chicken. Furthermore, it will also look good standing next to a bunch of flowers.

Chicken Coop 14
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Sometimes you can also use an old storage room for your chicken. Yet, only the one with windows.

Chicken Coop 15
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Last but least, a coop that will function not only as a place to stay but also give you ease while cleaning.

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