15 Lake House Inspiration for Tranquil Life

One of the best options for a getaway is a lake house. Living far away from the busy city and listening only to the sound of nature. Like this, you cannot only revive your spirit, but also get some inspiration from the lake house. Yet, you might also want to live just far away from the city noise all the time. Thus, you start thinking of building your own lake house. Here are our 15 lake house inspiration for tranquil life.

Lake House Inspiration for You

More and more people think of leaving the city life and face a calm life on the shore of a lake. Many ways can be done to get the desired life. And one of them is by building the house as how you like it, plus considering its aesthetic and practicality. Start from thinking about the design, architecture, to the materials you can use for the house, we hope the houses below will inspire you.

Tranquil Lake House Ideas

Lake House 1
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Firstly, a house with a small boat pier and balcony facing the lake should definitely get into your box of inspiration.

Lake House 2
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Second choice is to use a wooden white house. And also do not forget to spare an area for your boat.

Lake House 3
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Third option that you can consider is building a beautiful and comfortable porch! What a good view it is.

Lake House 4
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Besides being a house, your place can also become a summer camp for every one! Well, surely if you considered that a good way to welcome people.

Lake House 5
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Despite getting only a small house by the lake, why not focus on the good side? Of course you can build a mini pier where your canoe will welcome you all the time for an exploration.

Lake House 6
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Besides thinking about the architectural aspect, do not forget to decorate the exterior of your house, too. Two comfortable chairs where you can stretch your legs, good time!

Lake House 7
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Other than having a deck in the front yard, a back yard will welcome a deck too. Plus, a spectacular view of the lake.

More of Tranquil Lake House Ideas

Lake House 8
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Another materials for your house near the lake is absolutely bricks. An old style house, feel like going back to a century ago.

Lake House 9
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Well, do not forget to make your house have both balcony and chairs facing the lake. Obviously, you will need at least two ways to enjoy the view.

Lake House 10
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Rather than just thinking about building pier or balcony, why not use the lower part of the house for a boat park area? Good idea, right?

Lake House 11
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When you feel like living by the lake, building the most beautiful house is not wrong. Let’s say a mix of stone and bricks, on the green field!

Lake House 12
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Honestly, you do not always have to build a tall house with many floors. Sometimes, when sitting by the lake, a simple two-floor long house can be great. Yet, it will be better with some parking areas below and deck in the upper middle.

Lake House 13
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Most importantly, you can also think of something different. For example, a floating house?

Lake House 14
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Then, how about a soothing interior with earthy colors and furniture?

Lake House 15
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Finally, you can also go building a house made fully of wood planks. Not only it is more sustainable, it is also feel more rustic.


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