15 Luxurious Tree House Inspiration for Weekend Getaway

A tree house is a building or platform constructed on the trunk and branches of a tree. Usually, they are built on a mature or old tree that has grown quite big. Other than that, a tree house is generally made above the ground level. So, they let the user to access it by taking stairs or sometimes by climbing. Tree house was already around since a long time. Yet, it gains popularity recently for a holiday cottage in the forest. Below are 15 luxurious tree house inspiration for weekend getaway.

Luxurious Tree House Inspiration

Although a tree house is usually built above the ground, many people have tweaked the so called rule. More people are constructing their own tree house in their own way. However, it is no doubt that having a house on a tree branch is fun. Besides thinking of the fun part, you should start to prepare looking for wood planks to make your own, too!

Luxurious Tree House Ideas

Tree House 1
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First of all, why not build a tree house surrounded by trees rather than above the trees?

Tree House 2
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For a weekend getaway, you surely do not need big tree house. Just put hammock and one or two rooms, you’re good!

Tree House 3
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Next option is to have fun by constructing a bridge to your house on the tree!

Tree House 4
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Moreover, you can also build your house with different style, such as with bar walls.

Tree House 5
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When you want to make the house a business, why not construct it with some floors?

Tree House 6
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Other than just a house, a tree balcony or deck will be nice too! Therefore the greeneries can fully welcome you.

Tree House 7
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Of course constructing the house is already fun (and hard) enough. However, the unique design like a pirate boat might bring an eternal joy, too!

Tree House 8
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If you have never heard of stilt house, then this is it. Built by many ancient tribes all over the world to avoid termite and flood. Then, why not built your own?

More of Luxurious Tree House Ideas

Tree House 9
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As we know, there are not so many forests left, let alone big trees. So, why not incorporate two smaller trees to build your house?

Tree House 10
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Rather than simply using the house for weekend getaway, you can also make it your daily house. So that you can have fun every day. Don’t forget to share the fun by constructing a slide for your kid.

Tree House 11
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Remember, not everything in fairy tale is a waste. One of them is this castle-inspired house.

Tree House 12
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Well, a forest might not have a lot of crowd. However, installing a gate is not a bad idea.

Tree House 13
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Again, these days finding a forest and big tree is hard enough. Therefore, you may utilize the back side of your house to help the tree support your tree-branch house.

Tree House 14
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Remember that nowadays more people prefer to live on the ground, not above it. You can still feel the nature, like in this one paradise in Peru.

Tree House 15
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Finally, you can also put the tree as the central support of your leisure home rather than a foundation.


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