15 of the Best Jean Stoffer Design Ideas for Kitchen Decoration

Talking about kitchen and bathroom design, you can never leave out Jean Stoffer’s name. She is an independent interior designer specializing in both rooms since 1995. Jean Stoffer design is always created specifically for her client. Not only that, Jean Stoffer design has also won many awards such as a recognition as national winner of Wolf Kitchen Design Contest. Here, we are going to present 15 of the best Jean Stoffer design ideas for kitchen decoration.

Jean Stoffer Design for Kitchen Decoration

As a designer, Jean Stoffer mainly involves with many design works in West Michigan and Chicago. The so-called Jean Stoffer design has been features in many books and magazines. Jean Stoffer design is usually inspired by various things including culture and other designs.

Best Jean Stoffer Design Ideas for Kitchen

Jean Stoffer Design 1
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The first Jean Stoffer design for kitchen that you can take as inspiration is a classic white kitchen.

Jean Stoffer Design 2
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This is the other point of view from the classic white kitchen where you can see the additional wallpaper made of white and black.

Jean Stoffer Design 3
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Other than that, you can also use detailed furniture of different colors. Also, don’t forget to employ roofers, to catch less stressful work and get a more satisfying result.

Jean Stoffer Design 4
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Next Jean Stoffer design idea that you can employ is still incorporating white and a little gold/ black.

Jean Stoffer Design 5
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More than that, you can also take a slightly different side of Jean Stoffer design by using this dark blue cabinets.

Jean Stoffer Design 6
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Besides that, you can also take a pot in and add some patterns by putting a carpet.

Jean Stoffer Design 7
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More than that, do not be afraid to use a non-mainstream dining table. Like this dining table with drawers.

Jean Stoffer Design 8
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Moving a bit from the kitchen to the dining room, you can use a more colorful abstract painting to spark different vibe in the kitchen.

More from Jean Stoffer Design for Kitchen

Jean Stoffer Design 9
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And you might want to add different color to the kitchen besides white not to make it looks boring.

Jean Stoffer Design 10
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Rather than just going fully white, combining some black that dominates certain area might enhance a sense of classic too.

Jean Stoffer Design 11
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Grey, white, and blue will be another wonderful color choice for your kitchen.

Jean Stoffer Design 12
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More than that, Stoffer also offers a Mexican-inspired kitchen with bluish furniture.

Jean Stoffer Design 13
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Besides that, a symmetrical looking windows will create an artistic feeling to the kitchen. Which also work also air circulation.

Jean Stoffer Design 14
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Another option is to provide a small bar-like area in your kitchen.

Jean Stoffer Design 15
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Finally, you can also mix the whitish kitchen with rattan chairs.

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