15 Paving and Grass Pattern Ideas for Garden

Exterior decoration is as important as interior decoration. Not only will it beautifies the yard, but also provide different aesthetic. Paving and grass pattern is one of many ideas for garden and yard decoration you can do. There are many designs for paving and grass pattern that might suit your decorating style. Here, we are going to present 15 paving and grass pattern ideas for garden that might inspire you, too.

Paving and Grass Pattern for Garden

Sometimes, people like to have a fully paved garden rather than letting their shoes stepping on the ground. Yet, many others also still prefer paving and grass pattern combined, so that the garden feels more natural. You can decorate your house exterior by yourself using paving and grass pattern. Of course it will take time and energy, but we assure you everything will be paid off.

Paving and Grass Pattern Ideas

Paving And Grass Pattern 1
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The first idea for paving and grass pattern that you can use is long wide pave with straight space on the side.

Paving And Grass Pattern 2
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Second idea is for you who prefer more greens in the garden by evenly putting paving and grass pattern like chessboard.

Paving And Grass Pattern 3
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Not only in the big yard, but you can also utilize the square paves on smaller garden.

Paving And Grass Pattern 4
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Other than that, you can also construct paving and grass as if they meet in the middle yet has their own full area.

Paving And Grass Pattern 5
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Moreover, adding pave only on the walking path is also a good idea.

Paving And Grass Pattern 6
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Different idea is to take diamond shaped paving and let some grass grow in the middle.

Paving And Grass Pattern 7
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More idea is to combine paving, grass, and gravels to create piano-like walking path.

More Paving and Grass Pattern Ideas

Paving And Grass Pattern 8
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Besides combined with well-trimmed grass, it is also alright to mix paving with wild grass.

Paving And Grass Pattern 9
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Adding paving to the corner of the garden can also create a different vibe.

Paving And Grass Pattern 10
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Besides using paving made of flagstone or concrete, you can also use a new idea like ceramic tiles.

Paving And Grass Pattern 11
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If you want to create a more creative and unique look for your garden, out of the box idea is a must. Well, these paving with circle and gourd shapes can be the answer. Along with the well-trimmed grass.

Paving And Grass Pattern 12
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Rather than just planning a simple combination of grass and paving, you might as well create a unique design.

Paving And Grass Pattern 13
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More than that, you can also choose to take less concrete paving and allow more grass to grow.

Paving And Grass Pattern 14
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Also, here is a different way to organize a pattern made of grass, paving, and gravels.

Paving And Grass Pattern 15
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Lastly, why not choose a unique and fun paving shape?



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