15 RV Bedroom Ideas for A Nice Sleep on Road

RV bedroom is one of the most important parts while remodeling a camper van, RV, or even minivan. Since, people usually use RV for traveling far away and also using it for sleeping, RV bedroom is really crucial. Thus, deciding the right RV bedroom should take time and some consideration. Here, we have 15 RV bedroom ideas for a nice sleep on road. Hopefully you will find some inspiration.

RV Bedroom Ideas for A Nice Sleep

Talking about RV bedroom does not only mean a place for sleeping, but also for comfort. The small size of RV already limit the option for bedroom, thus you should choose it carefully. RV bedroom also needs to cater all members of the van fairly. Therefore, choices like bunk beds and king size are all available. Anyway, do anything that you want for your RV bedroom but with some consideration.

7 RV Bedroom Ideas for You

RV Bedroom 1
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First idea involved is this semi Bohemian, Latin mix with rustic feeling for all the wooden material.

RV Bedroom 2
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Second option is a bed on the upper side and play arena underneath with door. The RV bedroom here might look cramped but with window, everything is good.

RV Bedroom 3
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Who said being colorful is a sin? You can make this beautiful bed sheet with old clothing.

RV Bedroom 4
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Fourth alternative is to go pastel and shabby with colors like cream and pale blue.

RV Bedroom 5
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More than that, you might want to add a headboard or ledge for smart storage alternative.

RV Bedroom 6
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When you use RV with the whole family, make bunk beds with storage underneath. That is the clever decision.

RV Bedroom 7
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Next idea is to utilize similar tone of color for almost everything in the van from ledge to the bed sheet.

More of RV Bedroom Ideas for You

RV Bedroom 8
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So, have you ever wanted to have this very comfortable bed and the exact same view of the blue sea? I believe you have.

RV Bedroom 9
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Although looking less fantastic, this bedroom can be an alternative for you who have smaller RV.

RV Bedroom 10
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Well, designing a room inside a vehicle should not be difficult. This is the example of coolness and simplicity.

RV Bedroom 11
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Also, don’t be afraid to be fully white with your RV. It is the purest design ever.

RV Bedroom 12
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So, the best RV is the one that will make you feel at home. Really, it does need to be really fancy or witty. Simply a bedroom with everything you need.

RV Bedroom 13
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Rather than simply going white, you can also combine it with a bit of black for a classic touch.

RV Bedroom 14
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More than that, you can also build a fluffy sofa as an extension of the bed!

RV Bedroom 15
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Lastly, this one uses Adark fabric and states a dark, sharp design. Look scary, huh? Or is it classier? I picked the latter.


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