15 Short Bus Conversion Interior Ideas for Cozy Living

Short bus, camper, van, truck, and many more middle size vehicles are getting more popular for conversion. Short bus conversion is relatively easier to do since the vehicle has more space. Thus, a short bus conversion can take bigger stuff in compared to small van. Here, we collected 15 short bus conversion interior ideas for cozy living. Hopefully, you can find one that suits your desire.

Short Bus Conversion Interior Ideas for Personal Van

Converting short bus into a nice place to live means to incorporate some things like bed, storage, and anything a house has. Short bus conversion should not be a daunting task. Just like remodeling an RV, the design of a short bus conversion can take after any design. More than that, a short bus conversion needs to be comfortable and inviting.

Short Bus Conversion Interior Ideas for You

Short Bus Conversion 1
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First short bus conversion comes from a blue bird bus by Becca Hanson from Hello Tiny House Folks. Simple bed and cabinet.

Short Bus Conversion 2
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More than a house-like furniture, your short bus conversion can also take after a cool lounge. Or if you are lucky enough to get a double docker bus, it means more room to decorate.

Short Bus Conversion 3
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Third option is a bed with upper shelf and cabinets. Simple but mesmerizing.

Short Bus Conversion 4
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Next idea is to compile many colors to balance the plain white ceiling of the bus.

Short Bus Conversion 5
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When you prefer inviting many people to utilizing the bus as an alternative house, then you should place some sofas.

Short Bus Conversion 6
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For those who do not really have certain style they would like to incorporate, minimalist is the best way. See the white, grey, and blue? Cool!

Short Bus Conversion 7
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If you love fluffiness a lot, you can put both double bed and sofa next to each other. And enjoy your creation.

More Short Bus Conversion Interior Ideas

Short Bus Conversion 8
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Remember, you can use any style you want. Such as this minimalist rustic bus interior, the plant will refresh your eyes.

Short Bus Conversion 9
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Then, if you wish to have a little party in the bus, don’t forget some sparkling lights on the ceiling.

Short Bus Conversion 10
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More than style, you should also consider how color affect the overall look and feel of a bus interior. The blue curtains here are surely soothing any perplexed mind.

Short Bus Conversion 11
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Some people think that big furniture is not suitable for bus, but this grand sofa looks fine, isn’t it?

Short Bus Conversion 12
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The following idea is inspired by bohemian but wrapped in a less bright colors. Don’t forget to install air conditioner too.

Short Bus Conversion 13
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However, sometimes a few people might only want to go with simpler pastel color. It depends on you.

Short Bus Conversion 14
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One of the most important things is the convertible ceiling. Especially if you want to have kitchen, it is better to build it under the ceiling.

Short Bus Conversion 15
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Finally, a rustic design that looks completely like home with everything from a sofa, window, and even the

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