15 Simple Rear Terrace Ideas for House Yard

Exterior design is as important as interior design to increase the beauty of a house. Simple rear terrace will be a good pair for any idea in external part of the house. Having a simple rear terrace will provide you with an open space to enjoy the air. Creating a space for simple rear terrace at home also means a statement of style for your house exterior. Here are our 15 simple rear terrace ideas for house yard.

Simple Rear Terrace Ideas to Transform Your Yard

Sometimes, having a yard sometimes make people feel burdened especially when thinking about decoration. Some people are blessed with big yard while others should feel suffice with only small yard area. No matter what size your yard is, simple rear terrace will be the good answer for all. Having simple rear terrace will boost the beauty of your house.

Simple Rear Terrace Ideas


Simple Rear Terrace 1
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First simple rear terrace idea is to take bricked and glass floor so the design will blend in with the building.

Simple Rear Terrace 2
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Second idea of simple rear terrace involve a small open area with stairs to get inside. But, to avoid crampy feeling, you can use transparent glass. Good idea, right?

Simple Rear Terrace 3
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Then, the third idea is suitable for those who love challenge and who want to build terrace on the second floor. Transparent floor and maybe some trees for shade.

Simple Rear Terrace 4
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Fourth idea involves a yard with stucco that will become a good area for you to chill.

Simple Rear Terrace 5
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Fifth option is to build a more ethnic terrace and combine it with many plants so it will look fresh.

Simple Rear Terrace 6
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If you live next to other’s house, you might want to put some border either with wood or bush. And then, plant some grass on the terrace.

Simple Rear Terrace 7
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Other option is you can take your bench so that the terrace can be one spot for relaxing time.

More of Simple Rear Terrace Ideas

Simple Rear Terrace 8
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Next option to think of is a simple small terrace where you can decorate with planter box and some grass.

Simple Rear Terrace 9
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More option that you can consider is to utilize some small trees to refresh the look of your terrace.

Simple Rear Terrace 10
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Moreover, you can also take your terrace to the middle of the house like in this Japanese house. Other than that, a tree will also be a nice idea.

Simple Rear Terrace 11
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For those who have small rear terrace, you can plant vertical garden and let the horizontal space for you to step in.

Simple Rear Terrace 12
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Next idea is to build terrace that look like a wooden deck. Like this, you can build it easily.

Simple Rear Terrace 13
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Also, you can divide your terrace to be both a sitting area and gardening area with walking path.

Simple Rear Terrace 14
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If you prefer to step on concrete or tiles, then you might think this design as a good inspiration.

Simple Rear Terrace 15
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Last but not least, why not take a simple terrace design where you combine deck and grass?

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