15 Small Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas

A tiny cottage is not only a desirable escape but also a dream place to live in for some people. Yet thinking about how a small cottage kitchen should be might cause a headache for some. Well, small cottage kitchen is always possible to build, but not all can make it comfortable. Therefore, we hope that our 15 small cottage kitchen design ideas will inspire you.

Small Cottage Kitchen Design

There are some advantages of small cottage kitchen, such as the simple look, the easy maintenance, and the efficiency. Besides that, small cottage kitchen also lets you to be more creative since the space is limited. More than that, small cottage kitchen will also increase the intimacy between family and couple during cooking session.

Small Cottage Kitchen Ideas

Small Cottage Kitchen 1
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First idea is a simple white rustic small cottage kitchen with cabinets and drawers, which make storing goods more effective.

Small Cottage Kitchen 2
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Second option is to design the kitchen to be long rather than wide. Also, don’t waste space for big dining table if there are only two people.

Small Cottage Kitchen 3
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Another kitchen design is to create a timeless style with any style you like, from furnished to brand new stuff.

Small Cottage Kitchen 4
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More option is to add small decoration like this heart that hangs on the wall. Since a small room might increase the feeling of suffocation, this will really help.

Small Cottage Kitchen 5
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Not only that, you can also follow a certain kitchen design. Like this French style kitchen for example.

Small Cottage Kitchen 6
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Or, how about this Victorian style kitchen with a lot of porcelain wall decoration?

Small Cottage Kitchen 7
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Besides that, the furniture needs to get the right position to avoid the feeling of tiny space. And then, if possible try to create many windows.

More Small Cottage Kitchen Inspiration

Small Cottage Kitchen 8
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More than that, a cottage will also look charming with a high neck faucet and square sinks. Just feel the classic vibe it brings.

Small Cottage Kitchen 9
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Besides, you small kitchen should also trim its furniture and focus on the most important part.

Small Cottage Kitchen 10
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Yet, don’t hesitate to decorate a bit here and there to cheer up the time you have in the mini kitchen.

Small Cottage Kitchen 11
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All the previous pictures have been showing only wooden-based kitchen. However, you can also use metal based furniture for the kitchen.

Small Cottage Kitchen 12
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Also, a play on wallpaper and the floor design will also bring a different feeling to your very own tiny kitchen.

Small Cottage Kitchen 13
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More idea is also to consider applying a different wall surface to one part of the kitchen for a change.

Small Cottage Kitchen 14
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This might look small, but many layers of sliding shelf is definitely a go. Hear here!

Small Cottage Kitchen 15
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Last but not least is a flawless white almost cream colored cabinet for a really simple and tiny kitchen.

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