15 Van Conversion Interior Ideas for Cheaper RV Alternative

Other alternative for a motorhome or RV that you can use both as home and vehicle is a van. The back part of a van is big enough so you can convert it. Many van conversion interior ideas are shared by people to show that it is possible. Besides, van conversion interior also shows that you can still have amazing motorhome without RV. Below are our 15 van conversion interior ideas for cheaper RV alternative.

Amazing Van Conversion Interior Ideas

Hippies, family, individual, or couple are all interested in the idea of living on the road. Either for a permanent life style or simply a weekend camping, it is in fact a great idea. Yet, RV price is often higher. Other than that, some people also have bought a van for their daily life before discovering the excitement of having a moving house. Van conversion interior presented here will definitely inspire you to start your own.

Van Conversion Interior Ideas

Van Conversion Interior 1
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First van conversion interior shows you how to make a practical moving house by building a bed and kitchen. Of course you should not forget drawers and cabinets.

Van Conversion Interior 2
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Second option of van conversion interior can simply involve a sofa and table. Especially if you will just use it for weekend getaway.

Van Conversion Interior 3
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Rather than just focusing on building a complete house-like van conversion interior, why not go simpler? You can still have smaller kitchen area with only thermos, bed, and cupboards.

Van Conversion Interior 4
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Well, this might look cramped and dark, but when you open the back door it will be worth it.

Van Conversion Interior 5
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Other than thinking about the furniture, a van conversion interior can also involve different colors.

Van Conversion Interior 6
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Moreover, you can think of using space under the bed for smaller stuff.

Van Conversion Interior 7
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If you just want to have a weekend camp with your van, you can convert it to have a cozy mini library with convertible table

More of Van Amazing Van Conversion Ideas

Van Conversion Interior 8
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Talking about van conversion is about making it as comfortable as possible for yourself and your significant other. Smaller lamps for less shiny room and cup hangers will be a good idea

Van Conversion Interior 9
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Also, you can get a star wars or outer space style for the interior. Therefore the choice is to make convertible bed with hanging cabinet.

Van Conversion Interior 10
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Coupled with side sliding door, your back part of the van will look exactly like a cozy café.

Van Conversion Interior 11
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Moreover, you can also install a small chimney for your heater. Like this, you can also have a hot cup of tea on the way.

Van Conversion Interior 12
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Or, you can also leave part under the bed to be empty, so you can use it for various thing.

Van Conversion Interior 13
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Why not think of incorporating some rack for the spices. Because your journey should not taste bland!

Van Conversion Interior 14
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If you look closely, this sofa can be converted to be a bed. Not only it saves space, but it also has double function.

Van Conversion Interior 15
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Last but not least, you can also install a plane-like seats for an elegant van interior!

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