16 American Farmhouse Ideas for A Humble Interior

One of the most welcoming design coming from American architecture is the American farmhouse. American farmhouse is usually combining neutral palette for its interior and exterior. Another characteristic of American farmhouse is the industrial element features like metal hardware and concrete. Below are 16 American farmhouse ideas for a humble interior that brings back the feeling of humble America.

American Farmhouse Ideas for Home

Talking about American farmhouse is somehow reminding us to the rustic farmhouse design that takes over in the recent years. Although has some similarity, American farmhouse also has its own distinct style. The American farmhouse usually offers a more pale color with a balance comes from the garden. More than that, American farmhouse is also suitable for people who love wooden furniture.

American Farmhouse Design for Inspiration

American Farmhouse 1
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First picture shows a house with tile-roof and white wall. While the yard offers a natural look with some trimmed bushes and pathways.

American Farmhouse 2
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In the second photo, the interior of the house shows a mix of woods and stones with humility of a countryside.

American Farmhouse 3
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While the third one shows a more detailed part of the corridor where you can enhance the countryside look. Such as through the old table and stone-tile floor.

American Farmhouse 4
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Another room you can focus on is the living room where the more luxurious leather chairs fulfils the look.

American Farmhouse 5
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While you have seen mostly big house, here is a smaller house which still catches the look well. As simple as wooden door with glass and curtain which has similar tone with the other furniture.

American Farmhouse 6
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Besides that, you can also incorporate a unique and practical décor like fireplace with different wall surface.

American Farmhouse 7
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As mentioned earlier, the style also combines industrial elements like metal hardware as seen here.

More Lists of American Farmhouse Ideas

American Farmhouse 8
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More than the interior, your can also go outside where a plain yet refreshing yard is complementing the house well.

American Farmhouse 9
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Not only that, you can also build the house without deck railing for a more welcoming house.

American Farmhouse 10
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Remember, any design should also follow the heart of its owner. So, do not hesitate to build a slightly different style with bolder color.

American Farmhouse 11
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Also, do not forget to incorporate some luxuries outside through a planter pot and pretty flowers.

American Farmhouse 12
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Not only brick or planks, you can also utilize stone for the wall and even chimney. Then, combine with white, they will look really sweet.

American Farmhouse 13
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Rather than placing all factory-produced furniture, you can also take a big log of tree in for a coffee table.

American Farmhouse 14
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When you love a lot of decoration in the living room, you can combine metal and wood-based furniture to obtain the American rustic style.

American Farmhouse 15
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Almost last but not least is a touch of pale green that functions as both cabinet and partition.

American Farmhouse 16
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Lastly, you can also bring some marbled surface for a change.

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