17 Pictures of Museum with Amazing Architecture from Around the World

Museum is one of the most visited public places in the world since it has many unique and historic collections. Not only that, museum with amazing architecture is often attracting people to take countless pictures. Museum with amazing architecture does not only let you to enjoy the collections but also the building’s design. Here are 17 pictures of museum with amazing architecture from around the world.

Museum with Amazing Architecture in the World

From United States to Singapore, museum with amazing architecture is built to impress you. Seeing the building from outside will leave you happily confused and wondered. Some buildings of museum with amazing architecture are even seemingly impossible logically. But well, they stand well and will absolutely make you shout, what an amazing architecture!

Pictures of Museum with Amazing Architecture

Museum With Amazing Architecture 1
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First picture is Los Angeles’ New Petersen Automotive Museum which mostly has silver vibe.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 2
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Second museum with amazing architecture that will leave you speechless is Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 3
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Not only will this museum impress you with its design but also for its collection, chocolate. This is Hunya Chocolate Museum in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 4
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However, perhaps Taiwan is too far to reach. Then, a closer alternative to witness will be Royal Ontario Museum in Canada.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 5
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However, when you are on the other side of the world, don’t forget to visit Amazing Art Science Museum of Singapore.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 6
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Moreover, in Hyogo prefecture, Japan you can also visit a museum with amazing architecture which served as art museum.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 7
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However, within United States there is also Museo De Young of San Francisco that will amaze you.

More Pictures of Museum with Amazing Architecture

Museum With Amazing Architecture 8
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Another impressive museum to see is located in Guangzhou, China called 1911 Revolution Museum.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 9
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Back to USA, there is Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis that you should not miss.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 10
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Also, in the middle of the world there is Zayed National Museum which tells the history of United Arab Emirates unification.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 11
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Well, of course we should not leave out North Europe specifically Norway where Lillehammer Art Museum stands.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 12
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Besides the popularity for its collection, British Museum of London also has impressive design.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 13
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Now, moving to Chengdu, China, there is Xinjin Zhi Museum which purpose is as dedication to Taoism.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 14
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Still in China, there is Zhang Zhidong Modern Industrial Museum which built to store Hanyang ironworks and arsenal.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 15
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Next museum is Soumaya in Mexico City which was owned by Carlos Slim, one of Mexico’s business mogul.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 16
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Another museum to see is Design Museum Holon in Israel designed by Ron Arad.

Museum With Amazing Architecture 17
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Last but not least there is also Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

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