Landscape of The Residence in Vilnius, Modern House With A Green Backyard

Design a house, complete with the entire supporting things such as the backyard and the architecture, might not be a simple case. Such as the landscape of The Residence in Vilnius that developed with a modern concept. Therefore, the entire building look minimalist and the color also neutral. Furthermore, it also have a modern lighting and a simple view. If want to know further, below are some overview of this landscape of The Residence in Vilnius.

The House

When we look around the house concept, overall it is a modern minimalist design that build as simple as it can. Therefore, it can be seen that the house edge is straight and the chosen wall color is monochrome. This is a common selection color for minimalist house. Furthermore, the roof also straight and have a chick style design. See below for the pictures.

This residential also equip with pool and even whirlpool. Depends on the housing space. Next to the pool is an area to relax and enjoy the weather. Therefore, anyone living in this place can feel relax and comfort. Furthermore, it is full of beautiful landscape to make the feeling fresh and lead to a happy spirit.

The Backyard

Not only design with a beautiful house concept, it also support with a green backyard. The backyard also spacious and have a simple landscape. It can be see below that the surrounding is full with green grass and several trees for a better appearance of the view around. Therefore, this can provide a fresh view for everyone who stay in this place. Landscape of The Residence in Vilnius is successfully create a green living environment together with modern concept.

To bring a minimalist view, this residence select minimum trees and let the spacious backyard as a result. This will provide space to perform any outdoor activity during weekend. Take a look below the wide green area of the backyard that mostly fill with grass.

Those are some explanation related to the house and the yard area of the landscape of The Residence in Vilnius. This modern house combine with a green yard will bring a comfortable living for anyone. Therefore, this can be a good inspiration that suitable to follow. Just make sure that you have proper land and almost the same space to make it true! (Source: PRUSTA)

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