Prusta, A House With The Touch Of Orange Color

Designed with dominant minimalist color, an architecture company Prusta, build a residential with orange color concept. Not only look unique, but it also look fresh and comfort. The room designed with combination color of white and natural brown. While the furniture is dominant with a touch of orange color.

The House Details

House interior is dominant with minimalis design. It can be seen that the whole furniture look trendy but not too much. Therefore, it brings minimum design, but with a cool look and also comfort. The way of choosing the combine furniture and the wall paint result a good looking of the room. Furthermore, it also match each other and doesn’t look too much.

The concept also an open space. Between one room to another room is a free space without border. The furniture located side by side and locate up all over the room. Completed with white roof, making the room look spacious and bring comfort feeling to the visitor of the house. Furthermore, choosing white color bring a bright ambience all over the house. This also make the place feel joyful, even with minimalist concept.

The Room

If look further to the room concept, this residential or house is develop with a nice concept. It combines natural concept together with functional room for doing many things. Starting from family room, spacious kitchen area, and an open living room. Therefore, the guest will able to look to entire room and feel the modern style combine with minimalis design inside this house.

The Furniture

One of the interesting thing is the selected furniture that mostly choosing a simple coach or table. It can be seen that the sofa is having a simple design but with attractive color. Precisely, orange color, that combine with dark cushion to create a matching combination each other. Furthermore, the chair is dominant with grey color, but add with a detail orange chair. Therefore, this touch can bring different ambience in this area and make the whole room far from a plain concept.

Designing a minimalist house and room is one of the trendy choice. However, to make it more attractive, a little touch such as playing with color can be one of the important thing. Such as the house designed by Prusta. Overall, it is as simple as other house concept. But, when they dare to be different through the unique color combination, it will make the house become unusual and look nice too. Furthermore, at the same time, it successfully look modern and futuristic. (Source: PRUSTA)

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