The Sounding Space, A Natural House Interior With Classic Touch

Another house interior and design is developed in Vilnius. Starting from the idea of natural living, this house interior theme is “The Sounding Space”. If looking at this house, it can clearly see that the house means of a spacious place with natural color. Therefore, this house is really comfort and classic at the same time. If curious to know this design further, below are several information related with this house interior design.

The Design

The concept of this house is actually to make the entire room feel modern but as natural as possible. Therefore, the overall wall and the floor using a parquet that consist of natural brown color. So that the surrounding house feeling like in the middle of a wooden area. Furthermore, it also consist of classic minimalist furniture. Such as in the picture below, the dining chair set with a touch of brown classic color.

The Room

Not only full with wooden theme, this place also completed with various interesting design. Such as the concept that build for the living room or in the kitchen area. Since the house is open space, it allows every one to look around and gather together at the centre of this house. Furthermore, all room is design with spacious space and a large window. This will able the people to see outside the house and feel the natural living that surrounds all the house.

If we’re looking at each room, apparently it is not all wooden theme. However, the minimalist sensation still can be feel in each room of this house. Therefore, it keeps as simple as it is and not much different. Furthermore, each room may have specific touch to bring another sensation and ambience. Such as in the bedroom or in the bathroom. All is specifically design to bring comfortable living in the middle of spacious house.

Those all the idea of “The Sounding Space”. Where a house design can come true from the idea of natural living concept. Therefore, it can be a good option for those who wish to design their house with this natural selection of house interior. As long as it is suitable with your expected furniture, then this design can be a good selection to make. (Source: PRUSTA)

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